Grupo Familia: 18 Years Building Up Virtual Communities with Pragma

Creating digital communities has been key to Grupo Familia’s digital transformation and customer loyalty history.


About Grupo Familia

For 60 years, this business group, with operations in South America and the Caribbean, has fostered well-being and quality of life through cleaning, care, and personal hygiene solutions.

In developing and innovating its brands —Familia, Nosotras, Pequeñín, Tena, Petys, and Familia Institucional—, it has established itself as one of the most trustworthy and recognized companies in the country.



What was the challenge?

The Grupo Familia-Pragma partnership began in 2001 when the internet took its first steps in Colombia. Back then, the challenge was to create a virtual community with customers and offer them valuable content on multiple topics. Grupo Familia also aimed to have a robust database and devise engagement strategies for two of its top brands: Nosotras and Pequeñín.

What did we do?

First, we designed a web content strategy. In the beginning, many websites just copied texts from physical media to websites; thus, our initiative was to create exclusive content with a digitally-oriented language. 

Second, we built and strengthened a virtual community to promote interaction between participants. In addition to finding valuable content, uses can learn actively and interactively about the brand. 

Through Nosotras and Pequeñín websites, Grupo Familia pioneered the creation of digital communities in the country. It also implemented a point-based system for customers to redeem a code for rewards or access to the applications and games. For this, Pragma designed campaigns to encourage people to redeem their points, and thanks to its banking experience, the implemented system ensures easy point tracking and management. 

For Nosotras, we launched El Consultorio —an initiative where users could ask an expert about their physical development or sexuality—, the Period Calculator, and a blog titled “Qué Oso” for telling embarrassing experiences. Pragma also developed “Mi Cuarto Virtual,” an interactive application where users could design their dream bedroom; thus, we socially impacted users’ lives from the digital world and transformed a game into a whole social network for girls and their friends. 

In the case of Pequeñín, we assisted the process of digitizing the Pequeñín Club, a meeting point for mothers involving leisure activities and medical consultation. Through various strategies, customers migrated from a physical to a digital setting, where parents could find rewards, information, and valuable tips. 

Finally, Pragma helped centralize all user data in a single database system, regardless of the registration channel. Grupo Familia thus became a leading company in studying consumer behavior and offering value-added services to the community.


In 18 years of a business relationship, Pragma has adapted to the different stages of Grupo Familia’s organizational evolution and its vision. We have partnered with this business group and its suppliers to offer the best solutions to customer needs

Moreover, Pragma has provided educational, interaction, and entertainment campaigns, innovative websites according to customer expectations, virtual care courses, loyalty programs, and rewards catalogs. It has also delivered valuable female empowerment content for Nosotras and supported the community through Pequeñín points donation campaigns for feeding children in Fundación Atención para la Niñez. 

Pragma has assisted Familia in expanding its brands in several countries of the region, both technologically and commercially, and approaching various markets.

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