VILIV Backs the Growth of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Pragma is the technological partner of VILIV, an initiative to reinvigorate the country’s economy.



What is VILIV?

VILIV derives from the partnership between Grupo Sura and Grupo Bancolombia and seeks to provide small entrepreneurs with tools to strengthen their businesses, support their growth, and improve their competitiveness.

The initiative is a digital platform that provides access to knowledge and advice in seven areas: finance, law, operations, technology, human resources, strategy, and sales and marketing. Entrepreneurs can also network with each other to create strategic partnerships.


What was the challenge?

Once we identified this issue, we decided to start an automation and technology integration project. As a result, Bancoomeva has become one of the most agile and secure banks in the country with this technology upgrade.

By partnering with IBM, we created a solution for Bancoomeva to quickly verify information, reduce the review time, and accelerate funding at any of its 86 financial centers located in Colombia.

What did we do?

Pragma formed a team of five professionals to assist in the project’ software architecture, development, and certification. We enabled cloud infrastructure using AWS services. There are currently 16 Pragma members in the project.

We worked under the Scrum framework, boosting project innovation, competitiveness, and productivity, and improving the capacity to quickly respond and adapt to changes. Thus, we achieved the platform’s continuous growth and service supply.


VILIV has managed to form a network of entrepreneurs interested in expanding their businesses through personalized advice, access to articles, videos, reviews, and audios, specialized courses and training, outsourcing solutions for some operations, among others.

It has been valuable for Pragma to support this initiative. It dramatically impacts the country’s economic reactivation and aligns with our purpose of improving people’s lives by transforming companies.


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