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We provide talent with the right attitudes and knowledge to handle technology projects. Our employees are committed and aligned with our clients' goals and strategy.



We provide the right team to let you meet deadlines without problems.



We offer a continuous and improved delivery of your products and services.


It improves the quality of your software products while making their maintenance easier.


It reduces costs by eliminating investment in training and initial resources.


Outsourcing to a custom software development company gives your business time to focus on your core competencies.




Nearshore means contracting a team that is remotely located but geographically close to your company.

This model springs from many companies' needs to have more control over their operations than is allowed by other offshoring models.



Companies outsource software development services in order to increase innovation and efficiency in their products and services, improve scalability and elasticity and achieve digital implementation that is simultaneously more modern and less expensive.


Nearshore allows our teams to work synchronously with our clients, improving response times (you don't have to wait until the next day due to a time difference) and avoiding awkward meeting times. Additionally, our proximity leads to a cultural affinity that allows for a greater level of understanding of the market and regulations.


This model also allows the optimization of resources, greater flexibility and innovation, and improved competitiveness.



Outsourcing or subcontracting of services is becoming increasingly common among companies that seek to concentrate on their core business while outsourcing activities and projects to specialized companies. Within this modality, companies can choose whether to hire others that are closer (nearshore) or in more remote locations (offshore) from their place of origin, which has implications on costs and working hours.

Companies that choose nearshore services seek to benefit from geographic proximity, cultural similarities, and economic and political ties; something that makes onshore services difficult. Also, outsourcing implies the incorporation of a third party to the value chain, so having an ally that provides immediate communication without schedule problems is an important factor.

Nearshore outsourcing services allow companies to stay ahead with innovative products and services, and to be able to focus on the main objectives of their business while supporting other companies for other projects.


Nearshore in software development is one of the best options for companies that want to have greater agility and scalability in their digital products and services. Some of the advantages of hiring this type of service are:

  • When it comes to large and fast-growing projects you are going to need more developers, in this case, you can outsource to a company and lighten the workload on the core team.
  • Greater profitability: nearshore reduces expenses in terms of hiring and salaries, but also avoids expenses in software and hardware licenses.
  • Continuous delivery of value: the nearshore development team is in charge of the maintenance and continuity in the development of products as applications during the entire time that the service is contracted.


Companies interested in outsourcing services in other countries have two options: nearshore and offshore.
Offshore involves hiring an external service provider located in a foreign country. This is a good option for projects, however, it is done from countries such as India, China, Poland, and Ukraine, which implies difficulties in communication due to the time difference of 6 to 8 hours.

Nearshore works in the same way as offshore with the only difference in location, that is, the company outsources the service to another company that is in the same or similar time zone. This characteristic enhances personal communication, better relationship building, and a more related cultural understanding.

Furthermore, if the appropriate supplier is chosen, there should be no difference in terms of the quality of the product or services developed. If something happens nearshore, unlike offshore, the actual distance can contribute to teams being able to have a more immediate reaction in case of any inconvenience without having to wait several hours for a solution.


Nearshoring offers great advantages and benefits for companies:

- Same time zone: Compared to offshore outsourcing, one of the main advantages of nearshore for people managing an external team is the ability to interact with the team during normal business hours. In this way, the meetings between the teams are made more agile and simple, as if they were a local partner.

- Better integration: One of the great advantages of having a nearshore team is being able to interact with people who have similar cultural aspects, who know the same language, and have the technical experience to be able to easily adapt to the organization's processes and have an impact in the integration between external and internal teams, achieving better collaboration and respect for work. Facilitating knowledge transfer and improving return on investment.

- Short trips: if a meeting or face-to-face training is required, travel times are shortened and costs are not reduced.

- Understanding the legal framework: for software product development companies, intellectual property is an important factor, one of the great advantages of nearshore is that Latin American countries, such as Colombia, have strong intellectual property laws and a legal framework similar to the United States, in addition to stable governments.

- Quality talent: In recent years the training of engineering professionals in Latin American countries has increased, so the level of quality of talent is much higher than in other countries.


The decision on investing in nearshore services is related to the conditions offered by a country. In Colombia’s case, the strategic location, political stability, a strong legal framework, but especially, a prepared and growing technological ecosystem, make it an ideal destination for this type of investment.

In addition, the country has strengthened its trade agreements through the signing of several FTAs and has been concerned with offering qualified labor, high labor standards, and favorable tariff conditions for its investors.

The undercutting industry in Colombia has grown by 16% in recent years, making the country one of the countries with the greatest projection for this service within the region.

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