Nequi: Agile Cloud Services In Compliance With Security Standards

Nequi is the first digital-only bank in Colombia. It emerged as a new generation of banking that leverages technology to enhance customer experience and make it easier to open accounts and control savings.


The challenge

When starting as a completely digital banking solution, Nequi was looking for innovative ways of delivering value to their customers and driving long-term loyalty.

For this reason, regardless of the circumstances, Nequi had to provide its customers with a secure and seamless experience. 

Nevertheless, at that time, its team was struggling with customer service peaks due to business growth and the momentum of marketing campaigns.


The solution

As the first bank operating exclusively online in Colombia, Nequi required capacity, scalability, functionality, and reduced maintenance. Because of this, we considered that the application should be a cloud-based solution. Consequently, we decided to deploy it to Amazon Web Services (AWS), an on-demand platform that provides remarkable security and flexibility. 

We also applied a microservices architecture and serverless processing to improve the efficiency of the app. As a cloud-based solution, it would be easier to implement continuous integration methodologies. 

Initially, we evaluated whether the usage of cloud services was compliant with Colombian legislation. After a thorough evaluation, we started to develop Nequi following best practices and matching regulatory standards. 

Since we launched the app, the platform has experienced a rapid spike in the number of users. However, Nequi can respond quickly to this growth because of its technological architecture and cloud capabilities. 

Finally, we continuously check the app’s performance as a team to ensure that everything is running correctly. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with other partners to create a unified group of professionals working together with a customer-centric mentality.

The results

Cloud services enable us to continuously deliver value to the end-user, which means more frequent relevant features. Therefore, Pragma and Nequi are capable of creating innovative functionalities and updates every two weeks.

In terms of performance, Nequi now has low latency, fast load time, more security, and the capacity to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nequi’s user may conduct safe financial transactions at any time, anywhere.

For example, when the marketing department runs a new campaign, it is essential to increase the capacity of the app to handle the connection of more people at the same time, avoiding system failure or delay. In those cases, cloud computing execution is critical since it enables Nequi to provide a consistent experience no matter the number of users.

By implementing agile methodologies, collaborative work, and cloud computing, we can deploy faster to production, maintaining Nequi’s DNA. We are focus on the customer, evaluate how users respond, and update the app based on social listening.

With the flexibility of cloud computing, Nequi can adjust its performance in response to changes in application and system processing demands, which allows us to test more agilely. 

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