Cloud Services: Cost Optimization and Agility

In implementing code-based development environments, our clients have raised the maturity level of their cloud services.


Agile Infrastructure

Pragma’s agile infrastructure capacity aims to guide and assist our customers in adopting and using cloud services. Our work focuses on understanding the customer’s business to create modern, efficient, and profitable solutions for maintaining business reliability, continuity, and operational efficiency. These characteristics are essential in today’s changing environments.

For this purpose, we streamline infrastructure-related processes focused on cost optimization. We also make infrastructure provisioning and management agile, highly elastic, repeatable, and scalable.

These objectives have been achieved by implementing environments through Infrastructure as Code. Thus, a kind of template with all the required elements to deploy projects is taken as a basis, saving 60–70 % deployment time.


Grupo Familia promotes well-being and quality of life through personal hygiene, care, and hygiene solutions. Its brands include Familia, Nosotras, Pequeñín, Tena, Petys, and Familia Institucional.

Grupo Familia and Pragma have been working together for more than 18 years. Pragma was selected this year as its partner to build core technologies that will support its omnichannel strategy. This project aims at the efficient deployment of all its digital initiatives. 

For Familia, their portals needed to provide a unique experience and, therefore, opted to renew their websites. The Pragma infrastructure and architecture teams proposed assessed the necessary resources ​​to begin the migration process and technology change.


The first website renewed was Tena’s, followed by Nosotras’. For the project, we made the following changes to reduce costs by 40–50 %.


  • Went from having two servers (content and databases) to working with an elastic, scalable microservices solution. 
  • Avoided 24/7 use by turning servers off on weekends. 
  • Implemented Infrastructure as Code for automation, reducing resource provisioning times. 
  • Reduced deployment times


VILIV was born of the partnership between Grupo Sura and Grupo Bancolombia, seeking to strengthen leaders and their companies to have more effective results.

Pragma is the initiative’s technology partner in developing a more attractive website with improved navigability. 

VILIV wanted to engage AWS’s cloud services, specifically serverless computing. So, it chose Pragma, an AWS’s advanced consulting partner, for the project.



  • Achieved automation using serverless services, following AWS’s good architecture, security, and cost-efficiency practices, and rapidly attained the necessary infrastructure for the required environments.
  • Employed micro-frontend architecture to prevent product evolution and deployment from rendering the end-user version unavailable at some point.  
  • By adopting the DevOps culture, automated repetitive tasks to speed up the deployment of product value increases.
  • Made decisions continuously to save costs, even changing services or improving the architecture as needed.


Muverang is a sustainable mobility solution where individuals and companies have access to electric scooters, bikes, cars, or motorcycles, contributing to people’s well-being and the environment. 

As a strategic partner of the project, Pragma provided development, architecture, UX, DevOps, and infrastructure services. 

Muverang needed the foundations to deploy a development environment based on microservices (containers), both for the frontend components and the databases. 

Pragma proposed to work the infrastructure in Amazon and implement the environments through Infrastructure as Code.


In addition to saving time, we:

  • Optimized costs by turning off development and testing environments on weekends, with 40 % savings
  • Decreased the number of balancers from 3 to 1 to control all Muverang traffic and prevent overloads.
  • Operated non-relational databases on demand.

“I can only say good things about Pragma’s infrastructure service provided to Muverang. It has been a pleasant experience, both professionally and personally. We have dealt with a person who always finds the best possible solution to a problem, makes suggestions based on his experience, contrasts options, and shares conclusions. Besides, he has a true vocation for serving and helping others. So, I believe the service offered by Pragma is premium, as its solutions have contributed to achieving the organization’s objectives. I only want to express gratitude on behalf of Muverang.”

—Guido Cafiel, Muverang Technical Leader



The SmartFit network intends to democratize high-quality sports practice, with more than 800 facilities in Latin America and more than 80 in Colombia. 

Given the COVID-19 contingency, the chain of gyms in Colombia needed a platform for users to continue training virtually, with a catalog of live classes, advice with trainers, and appointments with specialists. 

The customer first proposed the infrastructure. Still, at the time of provisioning, it turned out not to be the most optimal solution. Pragma managed to bring together the customer’s wishes and a proposal with new components to make the website lighter and user-friendly. In addition, we implemented Infrastructure as Code, improving deployment times. 


  • Created a cluster with a single load balancer, reducing costs and the website downtime rate. 
  • Added ElastiCache to lighten the site’s content. 
  • Thanks to the platform’s success, SmartFit expanded the service to 13 Latin American countries with a single load balancer —instead of one per country—, cutting project costs.

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